SUN SURF × 葛飾北斎 SPECIAL EDITION 「日本の意匠 National Treasure of Japan」 Vol.002

TEXT: サンサーフ企画総括・アロハシャツ研究家 中野喜啓 (YOSHIHIRO NAKANO)


The print method used for Sun Surf’s Hokusai collaboration Hawaiian shirts is “Indigo Printing”. Indigo “Dyeing” is a method to dye fabrics and yarns to dark indigo color by repeating the process of soaking them in dye solution and exposing to air for oxidization.


“Indigo Printing” is proceeded basically with the same logic as that of indigo dyeing. However, fixing indigo to fabrics with one same color requires highly advanced printing techniques. As Indigo color is very sensitive even to temperature and humidity, skilled artisans have to make detailed adjustments relying on many years of experiences.








The fabrics that has just been printed look very greenish before the indigo is not oxidized yet. From this point on, The oxidizing process changes the green to vivid Indigo color. The Indigo color printed in this way will have more patina as worn over time.






The Indigo Printing is used for “Five landscapes of Edo”, “The Great Wave” and “Red Mt. Fuji”.  In addition, the high-skills is being applied to the newest shirts in this season, “Mr. Fuji with Cherry Tree” which uses the red pigment extracted from natural madder. The advanced textile-printing techniques that Japan has cultivated since ancient times, and the charm of natural ingredient such as Indigo and madder.  The Sun Surf’s Hokusai collaboration Hawaiian shirts are produced based on these elements.





日本の意匠 National Treasure of Japan



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